Covid-19 Procedure & Policy


At Naked Chef Meal Prep, we focus on providing meals of the highest quality. Our kitchen is inspected by local and state authorities and our meals are cooked by following HACCP guidelines by trained culinary experts! Delivered to your door in air-sealed containers that extends the shelf life of the fresh meal along with the vital benefit of keeping all pathogens out.

Safe, healthy, and contaminant free, the way your food... and family should be!

On top of the policies and procedures we have had in place since inception we have elevated efforts in many areas:

  • We have enhanced the techniques used to sanitize and clean all preparation, cooking and plating surfaces.
  • Along with our regular cleaning schedule, we are implementing deep cleanings of our entire prep areas with additional recommended hospital-grade sanitizing products.
  • We are also paying special attention to common touch-points throughout our entire facilities such as doorknobs, counter tops, point of sale touchscreens, bathrooms, and office area. 

Rest assured all of our food and ingredients come from trusted sources and tracked through the entire cycle of the meal creation process.

We will continue to invest in new technology, packaging, training, and handling options so that you can rest assured as the consumer that you are receiving a safe product with the highest quality from a trusted partner.


We wish the best for all of you and your family.

CEO - Naked Chef Meal Prep, LLC